Netflix movie recommendations?


  1. amyyy said: Submarine. It’s brilliant, beautiful… and British.
  2. johdann said: The Graduate!
  3. glassdoll said: Jiro Dreams of Sushi!
  4. plsar1919 said: Heartbeats, Cashback, and Tiny Furniture
  5. fefeknobson said: Young Adult; watching it right now and Charlize Theron/Diablo Cody combo is pretty spot on.
  6. vinniehatesyou said: if you want to feel disgusting and wrong - Megan is Missing.
  7. natczwei said: patrik, age 1.5 (actually brilliant)
  8. magickcity said: Dr. Strangelove. Catfish. Bronson. Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Detachment.
  9. sofresh said: queen of versailles, doc martin!
  10. pussyriot said: devil wears prada / confessions of a shopaholic movie marathon <3333333 totes gay
  11. akatinkah said: W.E.
  12. blackberryvision said: avoid 2 days in new york. blah.
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